About Walker

Walker was a bigger dog but an excellent athlete; once he matured, he consistently made my main race string.  He was reliable in lead but his forte was as a strong, steady team dog. His happy, playful personality made him a joy to be around.  Walker passed at 12 years of age . 


DOB: 11/1/97

CERF: Clear

2 pups 2003 with Topaz
5 pups 2008 with Twinka

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Entwood's Pie At Lokiboden Lokiboden's Mr. Snuffalupagus Lokiboden's Tango Igloo Pak's Kaltag
Wings Meshik
Igloo Pak's Sitka Igloo Pak's Clyde
Koonah's Spice
Entwood's Ainge Igloo Pak's Snow Bandit Igloo Pak's Clyde
Igloo Pak's Ann
Alaskan's Pelukin of Anadyr Alaskan's Peluk of Anadyr
Kuchin's Toto of Anadyr
Tumnatki's Gitana Venture, S.D.X Meomar's Faux Pas Meomar's Indepdence Northomes Sayak of Spindrift
Meomar's Quick Lynx
Meomar's Cat Ballou Meomar's Kwalaw Bear
Atim's Nicola
Spindrift's Shulaces Northomes Sayak of Spindrift Northomes Spook, S.D
Kuchin Ring Snowmist
Spindrift's Buttons Kus-Cama's Kanigylak
Spindrift's Baleena of Atim

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