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Here are some examples of Tumnatki dogs in other kennels all over the United States and Canada!

Tumnatki's ReMax
(Max x Music)
Remax lives with Maggie Wey of Brayhill Siberians in Maine where he will run sprint and mid-distances races.

Tumnatki's Mercedes

Mercedes now lives with Cindy & Dylan Stepp in Southern California.  She has "wowed" the Urban Mushing crown with her skills both on the trail and on the couch!

AJ & Riley
Tumnatki's A.J & Tumnatki's Riley
(Max x Shelby)
AJ & Riley live with Becky Ferre in UT.


Tumnatki's Ms Muffet of NorthWapiti
(Comet x KitKat)
Spider became a two time veteran Iditarod leader during her time with Karen Ramstead!Shenow lives with Rodney Whaley of Tennessee and runs lead on his small (for now) team.   

Twinka Twinka Morgan
Tumnatki's Twinkle Little Star  & Sierra Wind's Morgan ofTumnatki & Tumnatki's Chisim
Twinka, Morgan & Chisim have joined the team of Gianni Borrelli in Wenatchee, WA and immediately showed him what solid lead dogs can do! Gianni shares his team with parents, Angelo & Therese, as they run to the mountains with the dogs when he is in school!

Eclipse Gyro
Eclipse &Gyro live with Rob & Louise Cooke of Shaytaan Kennels.

Cola Cola Cola
Drew, Eagle and Orbit live with Alan & Carol Pepsick of Northern Blast Siberians. Carol focuses on distance racing, completing the 100 miler at the Eaglecap Extreme 2010 & 2011.

Ernie Roper Cooper McGee Kachina Cola Disco Cassia Echo Sonar Iris
Ernie, Roper, Cooper, McGee, Kachina, Cola, Disco, Cassia, Echo, Sonar & Iris make an awesome Siberian team for Jill & Bob Wilson of Dashing Kennels in Athol, ID.

Kaska Vegas Meco Andre Torii

Kaska SDX, Vegas SDX, CGC, Meco SD, RN, BN, Andre SD & Torii make up a fast and competitive race team for Chetere Laiki Siberians- Sue & Bobby Bain, Hingham, MA.

Vegas Vegas

They live with Melinda Shore in AK.

Aggie lives with Kim & Kelly Berg of Kelim Siberians in NH.


Delta & Poet live locally with owners/my mushing student, Selina & Richard Berg. (Selina is the musher but Delta has completely stolen Richardís heart!)


Tumnatki's Bridge Creek
Bridger lives with Collete Whelan


Tumnatki's Dream Weaver
Weaver lives with Lani Ferrante with Mason & Harvest



Ka-Bi's Legacy At Tumnatki
Legacy lives with


Tumnatki's Sliver Moon
Legacy lives with Jessica Brienholt



Halley & Tamarack
Halley & Tamarack live with Ron Gagne



Tumnatki's Widgi Creek

Tumnatki's Mishap

Tumnatki's Navigator

Tumnatki's Jazz

Tumnatki's Tango

Tumnatki's Salsa

Tumnatki's Taylor


Tumnatki's Cyrus

Tumnatki's Lachini

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