PowerEdge 26k Dog Food

Vigorous training 2-3 times/week.
Redpaw PowerEdge 26K is ideal nutrition for performance canine athletes under normal exercise and stress.

All Redpaw products were created from the top down with performance and nutrition as the number one priority. You will see an increase in muscle mass, energy, and endurance in your dogs.

We use only the highest quality ingredients. Complete and balanced amino acid and fatty acid profiles means your dog is getting a level of nutrition well above ordinary dog foods. All ingredients come from the USA, so you don't have to worry about cheap impostor ingredients or chemical contamination found in products made in foreign countries. Your dog's health is our primary concern, not finding the cheapest possible sources.

PowerEdge 26K is great for moderately active dogs of all ages. It uses high quality, low ash, chicken meal as it's primary protein source, and also features barley, oatmeal, and rice for more sensitive dogs.

Like all Redpaw products, PowerEdge 26K contains no fillers, artificial colors or flavorings, or sweeteners. All of our ingredients contribute to the nutritional whole, and we stay away from marketing fads that attempt to provide better looking ingredient labels, but are of dubious value.

When to use Redpaw PowerEdge 26K for performance and nutrition:

  • Normal stress situations
  • Medium training
  • Breeding, pregnant and whelping females